Limited Edition
m-mount Lenses


Omnar CN26-6

Our first lens, the Omnar CN26-6. A rangefinder coupled, m-mount, fixed aperture, 26mm f/6 lens. Mechanical build quality that’s up there with the best, combined with optics repurposed from an entry level, early-2000s point & shoot camera.

Unique, Limited Edition

Unique, limited edition lenses; designed, manufactured, and hand assembled in the UK. Made by lens enthusiasts, for lens enthusiasts. We make lenses without any compromise on mechanical build quality. With esoteric, unusual, characterful optical formulas. Omnar lenses feel the part, and work with you to create images in your very personal style.

Characterful Optics, No-Compromise Build

In the world of cinema, lenses are chosen for their image qualities and character, not the objective measures so much more commonly used by photographers. But whilst cinematographers might seek out aberrations such as lens flare, heavy vignetting, and softness to help them create a look to their moving pictures, they do this with a no-compromise approach to the mechanical build of their equipment. It is this mentality with which we have approached producing lenses at Omnar.